February 14, 2018



So that’s what all the hubbub was about…

I took the dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon.   A pair of crows were making quite a racket as they flew in and out of the woods along the road.  I haven’t seen the crows around all winter so it was a pleasant surprise.   I did wonder what their noise was about and asked them if they were fired up about the Superbowl.   The look I got from them was answer enough.

Today was sunny and relatively warm.   The dogs spent some time in the yard while I caught up on a few things around the house.    I went out later in the afternoon to play ball with them.   The crows were back, much to my delight.   They were just as noisy as they flew around the house.   Most of their calls were familiar but there was one I didn’t recognize.    I wondered about it as I threw a ball for one dog, then the other.


Then I heard it.   The unmistakable “whoosh, whoosh”  and I looked up in time to see the Bald Eagle.   Two wing beats and it was over the yard and off toward the wetland.   I will admit that I stood there open-mouthed and wondered how I could have forgotten watching this same scenario last summer.

I ran in to get my camera.

The crows continued to patrol the area.  I caught site of an eagle coming in from another direction then heading up to the top of a nearby dead end road.   The crows made a few more circles and off they went deeper into the woods.

I was reminded that I’d been having eagle visions lately and felt it was somehow connected to the Pacific Northwest.   Perhaps not.

No crow or eagle pictures to share but here’s one I took while watching for them to come back.



Check out this link if you want to read more about the relationship between crows and eagles.           http://www.thewildbeat.com/2012/07/24/the-crow-patrol/



A Triple Shot of January Moon

I’ve been waiting for this Super, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse like a lot of other people.   Our weather has been overcast for the past few days and from what I had read, we wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse from here.   I was afraid I wouldn’t see any part of the event but I did manage to take a shot of the hazy moon last night just in case.


This morning I got up at our normal 5:15 to let the dogs out.   The sky was clear and the moon was incredibly bright.  Without glasses, I grabbed my camera and took a number of shots, hoping for at least one good one.



I even tried to get a shot of the moon illuminating the path into the woods.  It looked so inviting but I opted to go back to my nice warm bed.


The moon was on the front side of the house shining past my bedroom window.   I sat in bed in the dark enjoying the view as I did my Attunement meditation.   Suddenly it was as if someone turned a light off and I couldn’t quite figure out what had happened.   This morning I was reading more about the timing of the eclipse and realized that the beginning of it was visible in the northeast and would have happened right around that time.   I missed watching it but I did get to see it.

My wish for 2018

A few nights ago I had a dream about eagles.   I was standing in a house, looking out a picture window when I spied an eagle in the sky.  I called to another person in the house to come see it.   As I watched, it landed in a distant tree.  I was suddenly aware of more eagles in the sky.   I counted twelve eagles as they all flew down and perched in the same tree.

The following morning, I looked up “meaning of eagles in dreams” and found that watching an eagle flying in the sky “represents peace and happiness in your life.”     May we all find peace and happiness in this new year.

For more info on eagles in dreams check out this site: https://dreamingandsleeping.com/dreams-about-eagles-interpretation-and-meaning/


eagle 012aw

Faster Than A Speeding Ball of Light

You know how when your car makes a funny noise, it never does it for the mechanic? Well I’ve been hearing a noise in my kitchen and I can’t tell if it’s from the fridge or not. I have a tech scheduled but I thought I’d try to record the sound – all I had handy was my phone.

I took a video while I walked around the fridge. When I got to the side of it, this ball of light shot by my feet. When I tried to send the video to a friend, it wouldn’t show up in the folder so I could send it.  If I opened the folder to check, it was there.   I couldn’t email it because the file was too large so maybe that was all it was.    I ended up taking a video with my camera of the video on my phone.  I’m sure there is a better way but technology is a bit much for me sometimes.

I’ve posted some still shots that I took from those videos as I can’t post videos here – but I’ll post it on my facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/SharedAttunements/)   so feel free to have a look.


I don’t have a logical explanation for this ball of light, I was standing in an area without direct window access, and no way for a car window to reflect into the house.   It came from a corner, made an arc around my feet and off it went.

Just another day in my life.

Time Lost In A Measuring Cup

Somehow I ended up with brain congestion. I suppose it was really sinus congestion but I had no trouble breathing, wasn’t even stuffy. My brain felt like it was floating in a glass of water – you know, how when you turn a glass of ice water, it takes a little time for the ice to catch up. Even worse was that I was nearly passing out when I’d get up too quickly. I shuffled around like I was a hundred and twenty years old with a stiff neck. My head felt numb on the inside. It took forever to get anything done – like feeding the dogs.

One morning, after struggling for two weeks with this, I fed the dogs as usual. It’s not a difficult task. I keep a measuring cup in the bag of food. All I have to do is scoop, heat some water, add some extras, wait a bit and serve. I guess I did all that but at some point, I remember having the measuring cup in my hand with something else. I also remember thinking “the measuring cup doesn’t go there”.  I don’t remember what happened after that.

When I went to make their dinner, I opened the bag of dog food and – no yellow measuring cup. I panicked. I had no idea why it wasn’t in the bag. I stuck my hands into the kibble to feel around. It’s not a big bag and it wasn’t full. Nothing. I could not imagine where the measuring cup was. I started to shuffle around the house looking in some of the more likely places. No sign of it. I was beginning to wonder if I had even fed the dogs breakfast. I had no idea where that time went. It was as if it never existed.  I had lost control and, for me, that was worse than a floating brain.

Eventually I accepted there was nothing more I could do and the measuring cup was sure to turn up at some point. I grabbed another from the drawer and fed the dogs.

A week later I found the yellow measuring cup. I was making the dogs’ dinner and as I dipped the new measuring cup into the bag, it hit something. “What??” I reached a hand into the bag and sure enough, buried in the kibble was the yellow measuring cup. I know I had looked there. I remember looking there and feeling around in the kibble. The bag had never fallen over, or had even been moved. There was a week’s worth of kibble that had been scooped out of the bag. How did the yellow cup get buried so deep?

I always say, I’m here on this property for some reason. Each time something like this happens I’m reminded of that. I am learning to accept that I cannot control everything and when I realize that, it makes life much easier.

I will always wonder where I went for that 1/2 cup of time and how the yellow measuring cup ended up back in the bag of dog food.



Look What $2 Will Get You

An Uncommon Variety is a very eclectic shop in Moultonborough, NH.  I met Danielle, the owner, through a mutual friend.

Danielle works hard to keep the shop stocked with fun and interesting items.   She travels, networks, and runs an on line selling page to share all her finds with a larger than local audience.   That’s where I saw my snake.

I don’t love snakes but I don’t dislike them either.   Somehow, over the past ten years, snakes have kept showing up in my life.    At the last house I had families of them.   One even had a name.  Nathan.    Then Ella came to live with me.  Even as a puppy she did her best to keep snakes out of the yard.   I kind of missed Nathan but I think Mr. Toad was relieved.

I moved into the new house in May.   In July, the dogs and I were in the yard when  I looked up to see the two of them, noses to the ground.  The were worrying something and I had a feeling I knew what it was.   I was right.   I managed to get them to leave the snake alone.   They walked off pouting and I was left to figure out what to do with the snake.   The downside of having a BIG yard is that it takes a long time to herd a snake to the fence so it can make a safe getaway.   This snake was none too fast as the large bulge  was evidence of a recent meal.   We did it though, and it was the last I saw of that, or any snake.   Until recently.


I’ve now seen two babies in the yard.  Apparently someone told them about the dogs because they didn’t wait around for an introduction.  While there are other meanings associated with snake, for me it has always been about transformation; shedding the old skin and growing into the new one.  Moving to this house, unpacking and deciding what to let go of has certainly been transforming.  I look forward to growing into this next phase of my life.

When I saw that wooden snake on Danielle’s selling page I wanted it.   Every time it popped up in my news feed I’d think “there’s my snake”.    I tried to forget about it but I stopped at the shop today and there it was.   A beautiful, little, wooden snake and I couldn’t even touch it.   It took me a while to work up the courage to put one finger on it.   Eventually I picked it up, paid for it and headed home with the silly thing half in and half out of my purse.

When I got home, I put it on the counter in the kitchen while I went to let the dogs out. When I came back in, I jumped.   I had to find a big enough place for it where it wouldn’t scare me each time I caught sight of it.   I found the perfect spot and I swear that snake is smiling.

I know that this snake will be a reminder that transformation is part of life.


Am I Dreaming?

sunbeams 008cw

What do you see when you close your eyes?   The backs of your eyelids?   Colors?    What else?

I often see colors or places but sometimes I see vignettes.  I thought everyone did.    I usually enjoy them and have come to look forward to them.   I remember as a child never minding going to bed because I could watch what I thought of as movies.

As I’ve gotten older, there are times when I’ve wished I had the ability to turn them off.   If I’m tired and need to go to sleep, they can make it difficult.   If I don’t get to bed by a certain time, I find myself staying up until I am completely exhausted just so I can fall asleep.  I never know what will show up and I can’t seem to control it.  Most of the time they are simply interesting.  Occasionally they are emotional.   A few have been so terrifying that I’ve had to get up and clear my head.   It’s always different.   I’d be tempted to say it is something that happens as I’m falling asleep and beginning the dream process but it also happens if I sit and close my eyes.   Recently, I did just that and was bombarded with images of people. Not just faces but real people and I wondered who they all were.

Lately, my ‘movies’ have become a little more complex.   The first time it happened was the day of the solar eclipse.  I not only saw images but got messages that were about nothing I had been thinking of.    The other night it happened again.   I closed my eyes and saw a couple arguing.   This was a situation that was escalating and I wished someone would come along and do something.   I realized that I could do something because if I could see this, I had to be there.   I shouted at them to stop it – to stop fighting.   They did.  They both turned and looked toward me. Then they looked at each other as if to say “did you see that?”   I know they couldn’t see me but they could see the energy.  They thought they were seeing an angel (if they only knew!).    I told them that hatred is jealousy and fear and they need to talk to each other about those things in order to get back on track; to find the love.   I don’t know what happened but the next thing I saw was a little girl with the biggest smile.  She was kneeling at a coffee table coloring and I felt like this was their daughter.

Am I dreaming.  Is this lucid dreaming or astral travel?  Does everyone have these experiences but never talk about them?   Or am I a little crazier than I thought?

In any case, there’s no harm done, maybe I’ve helped someone or given someone something to think about.


Gathering Roots

panasonic 395w.jpg

Looking at the trees after a snowfall always makes me feel as if I am seeing  their bones.    I think of them as tree skeletons.

When the dogs and I first got to the new house I spent time out in the yard with them while they explored.   As I wandered around, I started to gather the roots that had been left behind when the land was cleared.   I loved picking up each piece of wood, feeling it, admiring its uniqueness.    I laid them in piles along the bottom of the fence hoping this would camouflage the space between the fence and the ground.  Maybe the dogs would forget that gap ever existed.

Sometimes I would keep one or two roots with me as I walked.  I thought about how important those roots had been to the trees.   I wondered what I might be able to do with them to honor their work.   I considered making wands out of them but I’m pretty sure most wands are made from live branches.  That made sense to me because a live branch would be full of energy.

I realized that these roots might be dead but they carried deep inside them the DNA of the trees they were once part of.    I thought how amazing that was and I wondered what information the roots might have to share with us.   I gathered a handful of roots and brought them in to the house.    I’m not really sure yet what I will do with them but I have a few ideas.

Not long after, an article appeared on my Facebook news feed by way of  http://www.dil.ie.  It spoke of branches being woven together to create, among other things,  ” beds on which druids would lie in order to access supernatural knowledge”.    The photo that accompanied the article reminded me of my roots lying along the fence.  Now I really wonder what wisdom my roots might have to share.





Musical Beds

Did you know I share my life with dogs?  Probably not. I’ve been a dog enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  Some girls get the horse crazy gene but I got the dog crazy one.

We never really had dogs when I was growing up.   The few we did have didn’t stay long for various reasons – mostly because my parents couldn’t be bothered taking care of them.    Nevertheless I knew all the dogs in the neighborhood.  My constant companions were a book on dog breeds that I had memorized before I could read and a ratty, white, stuffed terrier named, appropriately,  Whitey.     I wore them both out long before I entered first grade.

My love of dogs and interest in canine behavior only became stronger as I got older.   Eventually I studied formally, became a trainer and pet behavior consultant and had a profitable business.  Then something happened.

I never lost interest in my passion but there was a steady shift in how I began to see things.   The adoption of one special dog started me on the path that I continue to walk with the energy work that I do.

Maybe I’ll tell you more about my life in dogs later.   Today I share with you my current canines and last night’s version of musical beds.